Jack Newlin is a lawyer in a prestigious Philadelphia firm, he has also confessed to murdering his wife…To ensure his conviction he hires inexperienced lawyer Mary DiNunzio. Mary knows her client is lying but WHY??? Mary sets out to prove her client is innocent and bring the the real killer to justice. Lisa Scottoline has written a fast paced legal thriller with enough plot twists and surprise ending to have you finish the book in one sitting. Scottoline has been called “The Female John Grisham”, I have to say she is MUCH better!! If you have not read any of her books start with this one and then go back and read her earlier novels.

We are in desperate need of moments of truth. Truth that can shine through the clutter of modern life. Truth that we can welcome without hesitation. Truth that is good for our souls.

Day by day, MacArthur quotes Scripture and helps us apply it to our lives with eye-opening lessons and probing questions that are relevant to the season. Spend time each day with Moments of Truth, and see how God uses the truth to set you free.

‘Moments of Truth’ is designed to meet readers right where they are each day. Entries are intentionally arranged to match the highlights of the calendar year, such as Christmas, Easter, Tax Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day, Back-to-School, and everything in between. This book recasts the role of faith in readers’ lives by matching God’s truth with the daily realities we all face. It is only by seeing life through our relationship with the Father that we will access and experience the spiritual depths he designed us for.