PayPal is one of the premier ways to handle monetary transactions online. Anyone with a free PayPal account can send and receive money in the same way they would a bank transfer. But knowing who is on the other end of your online transfer can be difficult. That’s why PayPal allows its users to become verified. PayPal verification means that you have passed a PayPal security check and that your online transactions are reliable. A Verified PayPal user is one that others are happy to do business with. To show others your Verified status, you can find HTML code, or a Web link, showing that status on your PayPal account. This link or code can then be sent to others to prove your worth in the PayPal marketplace.

Moderately Easy


    • 1

      Navigate to the PayPal homepage and log in to your account.

    • 2

      Click on “Verified” next to the option marked “Status.”

    • 3

      Highlight and right-click on the Web link that appears on the screen. Click “Copy” to save the link. This link, when sent to others, will inform them that you are PayPal verified. If you need HTML code proving you are verified, click on “Manually insert the Verified seal into your website or auctions” to find an HTML code that can place the PayPal Verified seal on your website, blog or online auction.

    • 4

      Highlight the code and right-click on it. Click “Copy” to save the code to your clipboard for future use.

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